Be the leader others want to follow

Leading for Change helps leaders become a powerful impetus for change

Individual, team, and organizational leadership

Aligned with your goals. Working together seamlessly. Leading for Change will help strengthen leadership for you, your team, and organization. You will go further when you’re leading together.

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Activate your Leadership

A book for leaders who want to be the leader others want to follow


Investing in leadership development and it’s falling flat?

Programs for what you need.

With the thousands of books, workshops, and certifications it can be hard to know what will move the needle in strengthening your leadership, teams, and organization.

You need a leadership development approach designed to leverage who you already are.

We can help.

The best leaders focus on their ability to respond to whatever happens

We help leaders become response-able by:

 Focusing your intentions in alignment with what makes you a strong leader

Supercharging your awareness of the ways in which you do and do not take responsibility

Building your ability to take on any challenge you find in front of you

Helping you navigate personal and organizational change

Billions of dollars are wasted each year on learning & development

How many times do people return from a workshop saying, “That was great.” However, you see little evidence of anything different?  Our programs solve this by being:

Values based

Our programs are developed in alignment with your goals and values. This approach increases the likelihood of success as generic programs fall short of solving the problems you’re facing on a daily basis.


We believe in pragmatic approaches that allow you to immediately apply what you’re learning. Then, we provide support to you and your team as you deepen our work together. 


Much like muscle strengthening exercises, we help you develop the awareness and mindsets needed to ensure you keep moving forward long after our work together is done.

Getting started

Every engagement follows our simple, 3-step process:



We start with a free consultation to discuss your vision and goals to understand how Leading for Change can help.




Next, we spend time getting to know each other better, and designing a program based on your needs.


We do the work that will get you what you want. During this time we will continue to adjust to what we’re learning together.




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