Coaching from the Outside 

When was the last time you went for a walk? Not just a walk across the parking lot into work, but a nice walk in which you took the time to enjoy yourself and the world around you. Perhaps it was yesterday. Perhaps it was last week or month. Perhaps it hasn’t been since you were young. Do you remember the feeling of being out there?

As kids we learned who we are through our relationship with the world around us. In being outside and moving we found freedom, our passions and sparked creativity beyond imagination. Then as adults we learned to be responsible and this relationship with the world is soon fading. Imagine what’s possible by reconnecting with the world just outside your window.

Let’s walk as we have a coaching conversation in the one place our soul can be as expansive as the world around us.


Whether it’s a walk in a neighbourhood, a field or the woods the human mind starts to open up when we are outside in the world around us. We will explore your goals, values, fears, dreams and so much more while walking. A coaching conversation while exploring the world around us will have you finding new ways to step into the life you want.


Have you heard the news; sitting is the new smoking. Yet we spend most of our time sitting at our desk, in meetings and even at lunch. Humans are meant to be moving and in doing so our lives move with us. Movement opens your mind for creativity, deep thinking, possibilities, stepping into your fears and so much more!

A coaching conversation while walking will have the possibilities moving with us and create movement in your life!


We will design our coaching relationship around your life. Do you remember loving the woods as a youth? Then lets go walking amongst the trees. Do you work in a big building in another part of town? Then lets go explore the neighbourhood you’ve been looking at out the windows. Did you grow up on a farm? Then lets go walking near farms.

We will design our coaching relationship around you and find the place which opens your heart, soul and mind to all that is possible.

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Coaching from the outside – designing your experience

Coaching from the Outside is different for everyone as we all find ourselves in different ways. We will design a coaching relationship around what makes you come alive. We will find the places you are fully alive whether it’s in a park, neighbourhood, farm land or deep in the woods. We will explore what makes you alive and be there. The only constant is we will be there together.

How fast will we walk?

We will walk at the speed coaching takes us. We might find ourselves walking fast, sauntering at a leisurely pace or stopping to watch the world around us. The important thing is that you’re comfortable with the speed at which we’re walking.

I have a physical limitation

We all do so this will not hold us back. If for example going for a walk is not possible due to a physical limitation we will find a place we can still be together and talk. The important thing is being outside.

How much time does this take?

This is actually the wrong question. The right question is what are you willing to invest in your future? The actual times out of your week will depend on intensity, travel time and what you want.

What will I need?

The biggest thing you need is a desire for something bigger in your life. Beyond this it’s only what you need to be comfortable. Dress shoes will likely become uncomfortable, so perhaps walking shoes might be more appropriate.

What about the weather?

I live in Canada so when the thermometer hits -20 even my hardiness gets tested. Being outside in a thunderstorm may electrify our discussion but perhaps that’s taking this program a little too far. Unless we are experiencing dangerous weather we will go outside regardless of what’s happening as it will be a part of the experience. Defining our limits is a part of designing this program as your comforts will be as unique as you.

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Who is Mike

In 2001 we started to look for a new place for our growing family to call home. We quickly found a beautiful place, on a quiet court, backing onto a pond and woodlot. We instantly knew we were home and have lived here ever since. The thing is when I was growing up this pond is where my friends and I would come swimming on hot summer days. Back then it was on farm property and we were likely trespassing so perhaps we could have gotten into trouble. It didn’t matter thought as we found so much freedom here. We love this place we call home for the world around us.

Whether I’m at home, on another tract of land in town, or up in Northern Ontario I simply love being outdoors. When I take the time to be outdoors I reconnect with what’s important. I gain clarity, purpose, drive and creativity for having been outside and going for a walk. During these walks I have my best ideas for writing, or workshops I’m conducting. It’s how I clear my head of the noise and prepare for what is ahead in my day.

As a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), I work with many great clients who want something bigger in their life. It may be in any part of your life such as relationships, romance, career, personal development, health and fitness, etc. Regardless of what you’re looking for I have found the people I’m working with have far more drive when we walk together outside.

For many years I expected career development to come from my managers and leaders I was supported by. Some managers were successful however many were not capable. Mike helped my career development progress in 6 months more than any manager has done for me in the last 25 years. He has helped me recognize that I can create the career that I want that is right for me!! His balanced approach to all aspects of life has helped me grow personally as well.

Mike is easy going, funny, down to earth, trusting, and a great listener. He makes you think really hard and helps you dig down to the source of issues and coaches you for the solution.

I highly recommend Mike as a personal coach.

Joanne Stone

Agile Coach/Enterprise Agile Evangelist, Scotiabank

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