Leadership is your ability to respond to what the world sends your way. Becoming masterful at leadership requires courage, vulnerability and patience as a life-long practice. The courage to confront your truth. The willingness to be vulnerable with those around you. The patience with yourself as you stumble, fall and pick yourself back up to keep going knowing your Leadership is needed in this world.

leadership-programDeveloping yourself as a leader is about far more than simply taking a course, reading some books and telling others what to do. Leadership starts by always wanting to know yourself deeper than ever before. When you start with knowing yourself it allows you to be the best version of you possible. Responsibility is understanding and seeing your normal reactions to things happening all around you. Mastering your Leadership will become a life-long journey.

The Leader in you

The leader in you is an in-depth exploration of who you are as a leader. When you know yourself more clearly, you will strengthen your ability to respond with confidence to what is happening all around you. We will start our work together exploring who you are in areas such as:

  • What gives you purpose 
  • Your core values
  • The balance you hold for yourself in life
  • How you are holding yourself back
  • How others see you and your Leadership
  • What intentions do you hold for your leadership in the future

Throughout your exploration of your Leadership, we will deepen your understanding of yourself in many ways. It’s been my experience, through this practice, you will ignite a deep curiosity to understand yourself as this is the core of being a great leader.

Response-abilityScreen Shot 2013-11-06 at 9.02.32 AM

When things are going perfect leadership tends to be fairly straight forward. Given the complexity of the world, how often do things go so smooth? Every day we are faced with problems and upsets and Leadership is about your ability to respond from a mindset of Responsibility. 

Your practice of Responsibility starts with an intention to operate from a mindset of Responsibility. The Responsibility Process® provides us with the framework by which to learn, build awareness and practice responsibility. It is through this practice you can be truly free, powerful and at choice with your Leadership and life.

The Responsibility Process is the result of several decades of research by Dr Christopher Avery. As a recognised The Leadership Gift® Coach, I teach, mentor and coach my clients as they start their own practice of Responsibility.

Through seeing what mindset you are approaching a problem, you can expand your practice of Responsibility and become increasingly Response-able.

Mastering Leadership

Your Leadership practice is a journey, not a destination. Mastering Leadership is the continual thirst to improve your practice and to find new ways to grow in service of those you lead. There are many ways we can accomplish this through a Leadership program designed for your needs:

  • A twelve-week online experience in which we explore different aspects of Leadership
  • A facilitated leadership circle
  • One-on-one coaching and mentoring (in person or remote)
  • Self-directed learning 
  • And more

Regardless of what you choose, you will always be encouraged to deepen your Leadership practice through ongoing exploration. I can be an ongoing part of that journey, or I can simply help you establish the path you want to start pursuing.

Ready to find out more?

Finding an impactful Leadership program for you and/or your team can be a little like finding a needle in a haystack. Are you ready to explore how my Leadership program will help your practice?