Personal Development

Life is what you make of it. Career, relationships, romance, finances, health and so much more are all what you choose to make of them. Think about what might be possible if you could feel fully alive and free in all parts of your life!

Having the life you want takes work. We humans hold ourselves back with the expectations, obligation, stories and more we’ve come to believe throughout our life. The result is life can feel like a struggle with every step you take, and carving your path forward an insurmountable struggle.


I believe you are already naturally creative, resourceful and whole. You already have everything you need to have the life you want. Together I will help you gain clarity on your values, purpose, strengths and the stories you’ve held yourself back with. I know you have it in you and through coaching they will become an important part of your movement forward in life.


Dreams. Goals. Desires. We all have them and they come from what makes you unique. The question isn’t do you dare to dream, rather do you dare go after your dreams!  In a coaching relationship you will go after all that you want and face the challenges along the way.


What fires you up? When do you feel your most alive? What becomes possible when your deepest passions are fully alive and present! In a coaching relationship you will rekindle the passion to step into your greatest fears, go after the life you want and simply be happy.

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Personal Coaching

Coaching is a deep and powerful conversation designed around your goals. Coaching is a partnership where we co-create a space which is safe, creative, courageous and at times uncomfortable. Coaching will support you in going after the life you want!

How can coaching help?

Coaching supports you in; looking at problems with clarity so you can move past them, learning to trust your ability to respond to the challenges life throws your way, get clarity on what is important for you, create breakthroughs you will be excited about, and so much more

How does coaching work?

In coaching you drive the agenda. Our relationship is built on what you would like to achieve. I drive the agenda for our first couple sessions as we get to know each other. Beyond this you bring the topic you want to work on. I help you learn to build the clarity needed to take action. Nothing is too big or small for coaching.

Sometimes the people I’m coaching express concern they won’t know what to talk about from week to week. Although this is rarely a problem, I ask you not to cancel our sessions for this reason. Almost always we quickly uncover what’s important to you creating a breakthrough you need in that moment of time.

Where do we meet?
We meet where ever life happens to find us as we do this work remotely. I do most of my coaching this way and you will be surprised how much is possible when we are half a world away from each other. We can use telephone or other web based technologies to connect with each other.
How often will we meet
We will design a program around your needs ranging from a couple hours per month to an unlimited amount of time. I have several pricing packages designed around what will serve your life
What will I need?

The biggest thing you need is a passion for something bigger in your life. In addition you will need:

  • a place you are comfortable for having a deep conversation
  • a hands-free way of talking such as a headset (speaker phones tend to inhibit clear communication)

Note: Despite the popularity and availability of video conferencing I do not generally allow for the use of this technology in coaching. Video conferencing limits the range of our relationship by tying us to a computer. That said – feel free to discuss the use of video conferencing with me if you need to have this visual connection.

Is coaching like therapy?

In coaching I approach our relationship with the assumption you are naturally creative, resourceful and whole. The key is we’re looking forward in your life as you go after your dreams. You might feel stuck and need a little external support to help you see and overcome challenges. Essentially a coach will support you as you unlock what is already inside you.

In therapy the therapist approaches your relationship assuming something is wrong and needs to be fixed. Much like your family doctor they are there to examine the symptoms, diagnose your problem and prescribe treatment. In other words, therapists is often a backward look in your life.

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For many years I expected career development to come from my managers and leaders I was supported by. Some managers were successful however many were not capable. Mike helped my career development progress in 6 months more than any manager has done for me in the last 25 years. He has helped me recognize that I can create the career that I want that is right for me!! His balanced approach to all aspects of life has helped me grow personally as well.

Mike is easy going, funny, down to earth, trusting, and a great listener. He makes you think really hard and helps you dig down to the source of issues and coaches you for the solution.

I highly recommend Mike as a personal coach.

Joanne Stone

Agile Coach/Enterprise Agile Evangelist, Scotiabank


I know you may be unsure if coaching is for you. I know I was when I first tried coaching on for size. The good news is the first introductory coaching session with me is always free! During this 60-90 minutes we will:

  • Introduce ourselves to each other
  • Explore what is bringing you to coaching
  • Do some real coaching
  • Explore your next steps

You are under no obligation to continue a coaching relationship with me after this introductory session. You may decide after this initial session coaching isn’t for you. That’s OK and I hope this one session is valuable for you and perhaps one day you will hire a coach.

Every coach will have their own style. You may want to try other coaches before you commit to one. If you would like to talk with other coaches I know lots of them and will help you find one that is works for you.

What are you making of your life?

Ready to the most important step into your life?