Recently, I read the Coinbase CEO set a new direction for his company (ref: INC Magazine). As a part of the new direction, the CEO offered to pay severance to anyone who didn’t want to be a part of their future.

Too often, companies fight to retain people who don’t want to be there. Then they’re rushed out the door when they do quit. Or, worse yet, they stay for years, putting up with a job they don’t want.

Encourage your people to be honest and open about how they are feeling, even if they’re unhappy. Approach the conversation with curiosity. Regardless of the outcome, you get the gift of understanding how your people feel.

In the end, support them as they find their way out if you cannot resolve their concerns. You may not be able to offer them money, but you can support them as they find a better fit for them.

You’ve got this.

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