Working with teams

What might be different in your teams if:

  • People spent less time coping with problems, and more time finding solutions?
  • People were continually helping each other succeed by offering feedback and support?
  • Trust is high and people frequently gave their ideas to help each other to succeed?
  • Teams were iterating and finding small ways to improve their work on a daily basis?
  • People loved being at work?

Your team is as unique as the people on the team, which is why every team has their own reason for asking for help. This is why we don’t believe in a cookie-cutter approach to working with your team. Instead, we start by getting to know you, and through this design a process to support your team’s growth.

We’ve been asked if we’re confident we can help a team. Yes, we are confident in our ability to help teams, it’s actually not the right question to ask. The right question is “Do you believe your team can do the work required to improve?”

Working with Leading for Change

We have a very pragmatic approach to get to know each other and figure out if we can help your people and teams. We believe in creating the conditions for our teams to get to know each other rather than trying to sell you our services. Our three-step approach lowers the risk to you in your search for coaching, as you can walk away at any time and only pay for the steps we’ve taken.



Meeting each other

A 90-minute workshop in which participants learn to confront the stories which are holding them back. They will leave with a practical approach to having meaningful conversations.


Team Discovery

A half to full day workshop specifically designed for your team. If by the end of this workshop you’re not talking about the issues that matter, then don’t go beyond this step.


Team process

We design a process to support your team’s growth:
Group coaching
1:1 Coaching
Residential Retreat

Our programs

  • Are based on an emerging model we are developing based on our experience with leaders and teams. This model provides a framework for how we approach our work without being prescriptive. We then bring in the right tools, frameworks, etc. with the goal having a significant impact on your team.
  • Go deeper than most programs as we tackle the issues which have kept you in an infinite loop of trying to improve.
  • Provide strong support for your team as we confront the hard issues many programs will avoid. Supporting your team in this way means digging into what’s true and having the conversations needed to get rid of them permanently, no matter how hard that conversation is.
  • Always see your team as bigger and better than you see yourself.

The principles behind our programs

  • Every team is as unique as the individuals on the team. There is no one-size fits all approach to helping teams improve.
  • Everyone is a leader, and it’s only a question of how they choose to show up as a leader
  • To create impactful and lasting improvements in a team, we need to go beneath the surface to see each other as people with our values, beliefs, stories and everything else that makes us such incredible creatures
  • Everyone gets out of bed in the morning with the intention of doing good

Who do we work with

We have worked with teams of all shapes and sizes, including:

  • Small 5-10 person teams from with an entrepreneurial business
  • Executive teams working in a Fortune 500 enterprise
  • Mid-sized family-owned businesses 
  • Large, manufacturing firms 
  • And many more

The work we do applies to every team. We confidently make this statement because every team has one common factor: your team exists because of the people on the team

Still not sure if Leading For Change can help your team?

The truth is we don’t know if we can help every team as only history can be the judge of such a bold statement. What we do know is how we’ve helped every team who chose to help themselves. While I know that sounds like some coaching double-talk, the truth is if you don’t want to change, then you’re not going to change so don’t both hiring us.

Often, the signs are all around us, and despite this, we don’t see them. We know things could be better, yet we can’t see past the status quo. This is the most common starting point we have when teams contact us for help. The good news is we can help. In our work, we can help your team open start to have a conversation, and start to build a path forward.

The symptoms

There are often signs & symptoms pointing to the underlying issues holding your team back. Go through the following questions to see how many of them you can answer “yes” to:

  • Everyone talks about how good things are, but in reality, everyone knows there are two realities for your team:
    • On the surface, there’s the story we tell everyone about how well we work together and how much we trust each other
    • In reality, everyone believes we can’t really be vulnerable and tell the truth of our reality. Instead the team is getting burned out from all the heroics involved with holding it all together
  • When conflict surfaces in the team we work really hard to avoid it, by taking the discussion offline, adding another process, or other such action
  • People on the team often seem to be going through the motions, rather than acting with passion, intent and purpose 
  • When things go wrong we are really quick to point fingers or make excuses, rather than talking about how to make things better 
  • You know little about why people on your team behave the way they do, and so rather knowing why someone behaves the way they do, it seems more common to just label them as a control freak, lazy or some other adjective
  • People are fatigued by all of the change management has tried to instill through the next silver bullet brought forward to fix the team’s problems.

If you say “yes” to any of these, then I’m confident we can help your team. If you don’t feel you can really confront these questions although in your heart you know they’re true, then all the more reason for us to talk.

It's time to stop spinning

The only way to know if Leading For Change can help you is to contact us so we can explore the question together. We can provide you with limited access to one of our online assessments, which will allow you to gain additional insights about your team. All free of charge, and without obligation.

You’ve tried everything else, so what could it hurt, right?