Last week, I installed the app ”InspireMe! Cards.” The cards themselves were created for the Agile community by my friend Lyssa Adkins. Each card has a quote and an inspirational thought.

The InspireMe! App has become a part of my daily routine. I’ll read one of the cards for inspiration and reflect on it while having my morning coffee. This reflection changes my mental perspective to help me see the world a little differently.

When you’re feeling stuck or uninspired, try changing your mental perspective. The InspireMe! Cards is one way I shift my mental perspective. I’ll also listen to music, move to a different room in the house, or go for a walk in the woods.

Find the things that help you shift your mental perspective. Make these things a part of your daily routine and enjoy what happens next.

You’ve got this.

Note: The InspireMe! Cards app is only available for iOS devices

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