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At Leading for Change, we don’t see Challenging the status quo as just a tagline. We believe challenging the status quo is an essential part of growth and living a fulfilling life. 

Challenging the status quo is easier said than done. Disrupting the status quo takes courage. The origin of the word courage is a Latin word, Cor, which means to speak from the heart and let your truth be your inner leader. Courage means to speak your truth and for what you believe. To do so means standing for what you believe in despite what’s happening around you, which can leave you standing by yourself at times. However, the world needs this more than ever.

There are lots of great models, frameworks, and tools out there which suggest how you can make change stick. What if having change stick is not the point? To do so, implies you’re done changing. How often is our world this simple? Our world never stops changing; which means you must continue adapting as well. 


Leading for Change 


We challenge the status quo in everything we do for the sake of freedom. 

Through our work and lives we have come to believe:

In the human spirit and all the wisdom that comes from it
Every voice inspires the collective whole
In the art of presence and it’s power to create
In the spirit of clarity between us and everyone we work with
In all things unorthodox
We live this through testing the unproven, giving voice to the unspoken and challenging the unchallenged.    


We believe in a world in which challenging the status quo will be seen
as normal and necessary to living a full life.


We work with people who believe challenging the status quo is the key to meaningful and lasting change in the world. We do this, by living our lives in the same way and working to support others who want a better world. We never stop questioning why and know everyone is just doing their best.

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