Team Trust Index

Trust is one of the defining characteristics of great teams. Without trust, people will withhold information and opinions which limits how much innovation is possible.

The team trust index is designed to help you identify how much trust exists on your team. After answering twelve questions you will be emailed your results along with some valuable information to help you increase trust on your team.

A Leader’s guide to the Tuckman Model

In 1965, Bruce Tuckman proposed a model for how groups develop into teams. This work has become known as the Tuckman Model. Tuckman said that teams go through numerous stages to grow, confront problems, find solutions, plan their work, and deliver results. However, what do you do with this information the model provides you? This paper will give you some practical ideas on how to advance teams through the model.


Accountability and Responsibility

In the English language, we frequently use the words Accountability and Responsibility interchangeably. The problem is that the two words are not synonymous, and we are creating confusion by using them that way. This paper defines both Accountability and Responsibility, why it matters, and what you can do to get more of what you want.


The Responsibility Process ®

The Responsibility Process underpins all of my work as it helps you to identify the mental models that have you taking and not taking responsibility for what is happening in your world.

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Building Great Teams

Building Great Teams

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