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Scrabble tiles spelling trustWhile most people talk about the level of trust in a team, it's actually the Quality of Trust that's limiting their success.

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Better Leaders  ⇔  Better Teams  ⇔  Better People

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Programs that change everything

Two people in a discussionAt the heart of every thriving organization lies a truth that transcends industry, size, and market dynamics: Leadership is more than just a buzzword; it’s the pivotal force that propels companies toward greatness.

While strategy undoubtedly shapes the path ahead, effective leadership’s power guides teams along that path, navigating challenges, fostering innovation, and inspiring collective growth.

Leading for Change programs are designed to uniquely meet the needs of your organization. The result is alignment, shared responsibility for outcomes, and impactful leadership from everyone on your team.

Book a free consultation with Mike and let’s discover what you need most.

Learn with Mike

Learn with Mike

Meet Mike Edwards

Mike Edwards teaches that everything in your life is something you created, chose, or attracted. So, why not create the life you want?

As an activational speaker, author and blogger Mike inspires people to step into their leadership. Mike has activated hundreds of leaders and teams to have their best life and produce their best work.

Mike is an Accredited Responsibility Mentor (The Responsibility Company), Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CTI), Professional Certified Coach (ICF), Leadership Graduate (CTI), Organizational and Relationship Systems Coach (CRR Global), and IC-Agile Expert-Agile Coaching (IC Agile).

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Getting started

Every engagement follows a simple, 3-step process:


We start with a free consultation to discuss your vision and goals to understand how Leading for Change can help.


Next, we spend time getting to know each other better, and designing a program based on your needs.


We do the work that will get you what you want. During this time we will continue to adjust to what we’re learning together.

Building Great Teams

Building Great Teams

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