About Mike

Everyday you ardsc03875e given 86,400 seconds to make a difference in the world. What you do with your time is up to you, and if you waste any of it, you will never get it back. I am Mike Edwards and I work with people who are tired of wasting time living someone else’s story.

For more than 25 years I lived the corporate career starting as a Software Developer and over time became a Program Manger. I ran running multi-million dollar programs, quickly rising to what many would define as success.

However, I felt something wasn’t right. My dissatisfaction grew, becoming almost unbearable. Eventually, I began to unravel the life I was living. One morning, after a particularly stressful week, I had an epiphany moment – it was time to stop living someone else’s story. Some call it a mid-life crisis. To me, it felt more like there was an awakening to the life inside, my true purpose waiting to be unleashed. I was tired of living someone else’s story and decided it was time to author my story in my own way.

I am a Co-Active Coach, certified through The Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and graduate of the CTI Leadership Program. As a coach, I am on the forefront of many coaching organizations including Leanintuit, the Leadership Gift Program, and Agile Coaching Institute. I love working with people who are tired of taking life so seriously and are ready to write their own stories.

I coach and mentor individuals, executives, and organizations who are motivated to take charge of their lives, and regularly offer workshops for people and teams who know that so much more is possible. Through my blogs and podcast, I share my own story and give voice to the inspiring stories of so many others.

I live a few kilometres from where I grew up in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada as I just can’t find a reason to move from here. I love drumming and proudly march with the Ceremonial Band of the Waterloo Regional Police. I find peace and joy camping, canoeing boating and fishing with my wife, Rosie, and sweet dog, Bree.

Every morning, I remind myself I’ve been given another 86,400 seconds to make a difference in the world and I am committed to making every one count.

Mike: The Coach & Leader

In October 2014 I started my journey with the Coaches Training Institute (CTI). I remember walking into the class on Friday morning thinking “OMG what am I doing here? Well, I may as well stick it out this week-end and see if this is for me”. By the end of the three day week-end I knew I had found it! I didn’t really understand it, but I knew I needed to continue on this path.

Fast forward to December 2015. On December 9, 2015 I completed my oral exams which now allow me to call myself a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach. I’m very proud of this accomplishment not for the piece of paper or letters behind my name. Rather I am very proud of the person I have become and the impact this is allowing me to have on the world around me. It is because of the Co-Active Coach program I am now living as myself.

There are many coaching programs in the world today. I chose the CTI program simply because it just felt right. I will admit I was somewhat biased by my coach who is a CTI trained coach as well.  At the time I couldn’t explain why it just felt so right. Now I know it’s because of how the coaching holds space for the person to be their most powerful and beautiful self. I know because my life has been transformed thanks to Co-Active Coaching.

Now I am infinitely curious about myself and others. What makes us excited? What causes us to procrastinate? What causes us to get aroused (in all senses of that word)? What about our spirituality gives us peace and fulfillment in life? What does it mean to be present with our emotional self?

My coaching practice is on the move! I’m not talking about moving offices, rather moving while in coaching conversations. Our minds get tied down when we use mediums such as video or confined to a little office. Humans are not meant to sit still. So instead I encourage my clients to take it outside, or the very least to be in movement. My favourite place to coach from is in the woods behind my house (see picture below). The range of my clients can only be described as expansive!

My history

I have held many different roles in my career including:

  • Software developer
  • Project/program/portfolio manager
  • Team leader / people manager
  • Agile Coach
  • Co-Active Coach
  • Account Manager
  • Relationship Manager
  • Teacher & Speaker
  • Blogger & Author
  • Husband, Dad, Son and Friend

I’ve worked in a range of industry sectors including; financial, insurance, aviation, retail, municipal, banking and several smaller ones. I’ve been a part of companies with only 20-30 people, and large corporations with 10,000+ people

If you want more information about my history call me!  I’d be happy to share my history although I’d be more interested in talking about what’s in front of us.


First a word about certifications; I hesitate to share most of them given how too much is placed on the letters behind a name. There are far too many certifications in this world in which you memorize some material, then write a multiple choice test to prove you memorized the material. Then you go back to doing it the way you’ve always done it. The one exception to this for me is the CPCC as there actually isn’t a lot of material to memorize. This certification requires you to demonstrate competence in being Co-Active which means it’s become a part of me.

Having said this I will acknowledge often companies require certifications as entry criteria. In other words, their HR system filters incoming resumes based on the existence of a few letters behind someone’s name. It’s an incredibly short sighted way of looking at hiring. The existence of credentials does not prove you have found the best person possible.

Now if you’re curious I do have a few certifications which I have maintained given the work I was/am doing. Please do not make any decisions about hiring me based on these things. I’d much rather we talked to figure out if there’s some type of match.

Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) – December 2015 – Coaches Training Institute

Project Management Professional (PMP) – March 2003 – Project Management Institute

Program Management Professional (PgMP) – July 2008 – Project Management Institute

PMI-Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) – February 2011 – Project Management Institute

Certified Scrum Master (CSM) – May 2012 – Scrum.org