Activate your leadership

A book for leaders who want to be the leader others want to follow 

You are a leader because others want to follow you.

While this definition of leadership may sound overly simplistic, people following you is the one true measure of your leadership. What, though, inspires people to want to follow you?

Too often we measure leadership by job titles, certifications, and knowledge. While all of these things might enhance your leadership, not one of them will make you a leader. Leadership is something you already have in you, so it’s time to choose to accept and embrace what makes you a great leader. 

Activate your Leadership, Be the Leader Others Want to Follow is a practical exploration of leadership and a reference guide with self-led exercises and stories to make the journey real.

The leadership framework presented in Activate your Leadership provides a compelling model as you grow into an impactful version of you as a leader.

My first impression of this book was a strong feeling of warmth and support. Mike offers delightful first person stories, a clear perspective on leadership, and a framework for discovering and putting into motion who you are as a leader. This framework creates the firm ground from which to encounter unexpected and possibly life-altering discoveries. In my work, I see that the world needs more leaders built from the inside out. That is the journey this book takes you on.
Lyssa Adkins

Agile & Leadership Coach, and author of Coaching Agile Teams

Activate your Leadership is for you if:

  • You want to know what makes you a great leader, and how you limit yourself and others
  • You want a level of self-awareness that will have you responding with confidence to whatever happens in your world
  • You want your leadership to inspire others to follow, and more importantly, grow the leader in themselves
  • You want to be the leader that others want to follow

The world needs and wants your leadership. Activate your Leadership can help you be the leader others want to follow. 

Due to be released October 2020

We’re in the final stages of bringing life to this book and will be publishing the release date soon.

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With no shortage of books on leadership, Mike goes beyond telling his (and other) leadership stories by providing thought-provoking activities for self-reflection and introspection. If you’re looking for a book to check the “I read a leadership book,” you’re missing much of what Mike has to offer.

Jeff Kosciejew

Agile Magician, Consultant, Facilitator, and Trainer

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From our underpinning to our actions is a journey line Mike eloquently points out that is crucial in understanding what makes great leaders. Mike walks you through your journey and provides you with effective life long tools to progress on your leadership journey.

Joanne Stone

Agile and Leadership Coach

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I met Mike at a conference before the iPhone was a thing. Watching him speak, I knew he had the intangible ability to see all the shades of gray it takes to lead people with authenticity and humility. I’ve never thought of myself as a leader.  This book made me smile, brought me to tears, and most importantly gave me four simple, but not easy, dimensions to stop and take a look inside about who I am and what kind of leader I want to be.

Jason Little

Author of Lean Change and Change Agility

Mike is clearly experienced at leading for change. His book offers rich, practical, and cohesive guidance that works!

Jennifer McEwen

Co-Founder, LAITHOS Leadership Catalyst