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How are you using your positional power?

How are you using your positional power?

I once quit a job that I really cared about. The reason? My boss used his positional power in ways that created many problems for the team. For example, one day, he phoned me while I was travelling home from a client site. He told me about a change that was happening...

Well I guess it was bound to happen

Well I guess it was bound to happen

After more than two years, we had Covid in the house for the first time. It started with one of us testing positive. Then, within a couple of days, the rest of us were testing positive. Thankfully, none of us had any severe symptoms. It also seems that none of us will...

Try being abnormal this week

Try being abnormal this week

I'm mediocre. There, I said it. It's hard to admit to mediocrity in a world that values those who stand out. However, there's nothing special about me or what I'm doing in the world. At least, this is the story I told myself for a long time. Take a moment and assess...

What to do when someone is upset

What to do when someone is upset

Several years ago, a client asked me to put together a plan to get the team trained and up to speed on a new way of working. While presenting the plan to the management team, one of the VPs became angry as he felt I was trying to upsell him. I was taken aback and...

Stop trying to get it right

In January 2019, I found myself frustrated with the process and experience of writing. I was finding the process of writing and publishing blog posts challenging. I would spend a lot of time working on each post as I tried to get it ‘right.’ To change the writing...

Having what you want

Do you have what you want and want what you have? No? Put your attention on your intentions and watch how things change.

Don’t let your good ideas escape

Capture your thoughts when you have those moments of insight or clarity. Some of them might one day solve a problem, inspire someone, or become the basis for a blog post.

The cost of voting on your ideas

When you get an idea, how much time do you spend voting on it? “Nah, that’ll never work.” “People will think I’m crazy.” Stop the voting, and Just do it or don’t. Either way You’ll save a lot of time.

Building Great Teams

Building Great Teams

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