The impact of hope on outcomes

Hope. It’s a four-letter word that can change everything. When someone has hope, they keep moving forward despite their challenges or adversity. What happens, though, when hope is absent? Consider the results when people don’t believe there’s any...

I can’t make this stuff up

Sigh. Did you see my post from last week about some travel adventures? More like my travel challenges? If not, you may want to read it first as it will give some context for this one (but don’t feel you have to as this post will stand alone):...

No problem is bigger than me

How was your flight? It’s an interesting question. And, like so many other curious questions, I can’t help but wonder about the motive of the question. I flew somewhere for the first time after nearly three years. I was in Winnipeg, Manitoba, to attend and speak at...

The power of perspectives

Have you noticed how perspectives play a significant role in our lives? Don’t believe me or are unsure what I’m talking about? Spend a little time on social media, and you’ll quickly see what I mean. It’s hard to scroll more than a couple of posts without seeing how...

The impact of labelling problems

Labels. We use labels in many ways. Arguably most labels serve a useful purpose, and some even protect us from danger. Take canned food, for example. While gone on our honeymoon, our friends got into our apartment to have a little ‘fun.’ The one thing our...
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