The impact of labelling problems

Labels. We use labels in many ways. Arguably most labels serve a useful purpose, and some even protect us from danger. Take canned food, for example. While gone on our honeymoon, our friends got into our apartment to have a little ‘fun.’ The one thing our...

Steaminig cups of coffee and mouse jigglers

Do you remember the Bud Light “steaming cup of coffee?” Commercial? In this commercial, people equate a steaming cup of coffee to the idea that Johnson is working hard. The boss walks by his office, spots the steaming cup and comments, “Looks like Johnson’s in early.”...

Forget trying to love the work you do

“What else would I do?” That’s the answer I got when I asked Jake why he still does what he does at 84 years old. Jake is the outfitter at Brent (a tiny town in Northern Ontario), where we recently vacationed. Jake also owns several cottages he rents, runs the general...

A post about nothing

I’m stuck. I’ve been sitting here wondering what to write about. Yet, nothing has been coming to me. I did some reading in hopes that something would inspire me. And still nothing. What I know is that when I’m stuck, the best thing I can do is to start writing (or...

Why do we keep pushing against the odds?

On Friday, the internet went down for cable subscribers in southern Ontario. Once I realized it was down, my first thoughts went to “how am I going to get my work done today. What about the calls I have scheduled?” While I do have the hotspot on my phone, it’s too...

Is leadership a thing?

I was coaching an executive near the top of one of Canada’s big banks. She called me in one day to talk about running a leadership program for her team. On my way to her office, I had decided I would only do this program if it were for the right reasons. Too...
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