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Don’t let your good ideas escape

Capture your thoughts when you have those moments of insight or clarity. Some of them might one day solve a problem, inspire someone, or become the basis for a blog post.

The cost of voting on your ideas

When you get an idea, how much time do you spend voting on it? “Nah, that’ll never work.” “People will think I’m crazy.” Stop the voting, and Just do it or don’t. Either way You’ll save a lot of time.

Perfection and being wrong

“Perfection is so 10 years ago!” — Rick Tamlyn So, why not let your brilliance shine? Besides what’s the worst that could happen … You’re wrong?

A perspective on evaluations

Humans are judgement machines who spend our days evaluating everything we encounter. Good or Bad, Right or Wrong. However, what if you knew that your perspective is all made up?

Worrying what others might think?

Do you find yourself not doing something you want to because you’re worried about what others might think of you? Say this three times: “What other people think of me is none of my business.” Then, do it!

Building Great Teams

Building Great Teams

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