What is the first thing you think of when I ask, “How are you investing in yourself.”

Like many people, your mind might immediately think about *Time* and *money*.

“When I have more time, I will …”

“When I have more money, I will …”

The thing is, many of us have a comfort zone around time and money.

We don’t have to make difficult choices when we’re in this comfort zone. After all, investing time and money in yourself means you might have to make some difficult choices.

Too often, comfort zones get a bad rap. It’s as if your comfort zone means you’re not doing good work, living fully, or doing good things.

The truth is that comfort zones are neither good nor bad. In reality, you do your best work when you’re in your comfort zone.

In reality, your comfort zone either serves or doesn’t.

Sometimes, your comfort zone around time and money may serve you well.

For example, if your job’s stability is low, it might be prudent to be thoughtful about how you’re spending your money.

Or, this comfort zone may not be serving.

Take a story I heard some time ago in which a wealthy executive didn’t believe he had time to exercise, get married, or go on vacation.

Instead, he believed he needed to keep his focus on making more money.

Was his comfort zone around money and time serving him?


However, it’s also possible it wasn’t serving as, by all accounts, he had nothing to worry about regarding money.

Regardless of whether your comfort is serving you when it comes to money and time, there are so many other ways to invest in yourself.

Here are some other ways you could start investing in yourself:

– Reading – Most of my reading these days is non-fiction. However, even reading some good fiction would be a solid investment.
– Exercising – going to the gym is excellent, but I know that’s only for some. What if you simply go for a walk every day? What if you took the stairs instead of using the elevator?
– Spiritually – for some, this may mean going to church regularly. But, for me, meditating and reconnecting with nature goes a long way.
– Eating right – eating right will help you feel better and more energetic as you go through your day.

There are hundreds of ways to invest in yourself. However, you accomplish it, get out of your comfort zone and find ways to invest in yourself daily.

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