“Mike, your arrogance has become a problem.” This comment landed hard for me. I don’t see myself as being more important or better than anyone else. Yet, here I was being told that I’m arrogant.

I believe that if someone makes such a comment, there must be some level of truth to it. The statement resulted in me spending time trying to see the truth from their perspective.

I concluded that a prior shift in my mindset caused a problem. I have historically been a people pleaser, and when someone has a concern or problem, I have made it my own. I had been working on this character trait, and the other person was starting to experience the shift.

I learned a valuable lesson at the time. No-one can know our impact on the people around us. It’s why, as a leader, it’s essential to stay and learn about the impact you’ve had. More importantly, stay and respond to the impact you’ve had.

You’ve got this.

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