Do you have something to share that could help others? (spoiler alert: You do!)

In 2009, I spoke at a conference in Vancouver, British Columbia, titled “Much Ado about Agile IV.” This was the first time I chose to be at the front of a room with dozens of people looking to learn something from me.

Was it exciting? Yes.

Was I nervous? Hell Yes!

I couldn’t find a video of the talk I gave in 2009, but here’s a talk from the same conference one year later:

Since 2009, I’ve given countless talks at conferences and events worldwide. In fact, I’m flying to Germany in a few weeks to lead a workshop.

What I’ve noticed, though, is how few NEW voices there are at conferences.

Join me in this free pop-up training, and let’s talk about adding your voice to the mix!

You will leave:

  • Seeing that you haver something important others want to hear.
  • Understanding what it takes to become a public speaker.
  • Ready to start building your confidence and proficiency as a speaker.


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Building Great Teams

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