This morning I saw a tweet saying he quit his job because his manager had been yelling at him again. One of the replies said that posting this on social media was a mistake as recruiters will spot his posts and refuse to hire him. They felt the tweet would be interpreted as having a bad day and overreacting and airing it publicly.

People don’t quit their job based on having a bad day. People quit jobs because of a history of being yelled at, pushed around, or other systemic problems. I assume this person was done coping with a bad situation and took responsibility by choosing to leave.

Posting our experiences is a reality of the world today. Whether it’s social media or glassdoor, people will talk about their experiences with your company. The question is, “will you be proud of what people would say publicly?”

If not, what needs to change so you will be proud of what they’re saying?

You’ve got this.

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