In this four-part series, I’m talking about working with negative emotions. If you ignore or put a positive spin on negative emotions, they will return. If you missed part 1-Working with emotion and part 2-Name the emotion, check them out first.

Once an emotion is named, the next step is to define what is beneath the emotion. Talk about the emotion to ensure you have a common understanding of what is going on. Discuss the impact the emotion is having, too, as it will provide valuable information also.

For example, let’s assume the emotion expressed is anger. Anger could be the result of being insulted by another person. Anger could also be the result of feeling unappreciated. Same emotion, different cause, and different actions needed. It’s a simple example of why you want to build clarity about what is going on.

Ask powerful questions to get beneath the emotion and find what’s true, as it’s far easier to find lasting solutions.

You’ve got this.

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