I built a tree fort with a friend when I was a teenager. We would scavenge our supplies from our parent’s garage, including the nails and screws. The only tool we used, though, was a hammer. Yes, we put screws in with a hammer (who’s cringing right now?) However, I don’t remember thinking hammering screws as a problem.

Sometimes, people might use tools, approaches, and skills that aren’t optimal for the task at hand. The challenge is that it’s human nature sometimes to be unaware that there might be a better way. This lack of awareness is why it’s important to find ways for you and your team to see your work from different perspectives.

Ask people from outside the team to spend time with you to give their thoughts on how you’re working. Make the time for people to read, watch webinars, or network during business hours.

There’s plenty of ways to get a different perspective. Don’t miss the opportunity.

You’ve got this.

Building Great Teams

Building Great Teams

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