There are few places left in Ontario where you can truly disconnect. One of those places is a little town called Brent. Algonquin Park surrounds the town and it’s only accessible by a 45 kilometer dirt road that starts where you lose the cellular signal.

As we work from home during this pandemic, it’s too easy to stay connected all day and every day. In the past, you might have left work behind as you left the office. Now, it’s too easy to check email or do a little more work in the evening.

Find time every day to disconnect. Turn off the computer and phone. Instead, spend time with your family. Talk to a neighbour. Read a book (the paper kind). You’ll have more energy and a clearer mind for it.

As for me, by the time you read this, I’ll be at Brent enjoying a world without the internet.

You’ve got this.

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