Recently, my friend Stephanie Ockerman posted a rant on LinkedIn that says she’s done with self-improvement. Stephanie went on to say the self-improvement implies there’s something wrong with her and comes loaded with expectation and baggage. Instead, Stephanie is focusing on self-acceptance, which means believing there’s nothing wrong with her.

Stephanie, I couldn’t agree more with your rant. I had focused on self-improvement for a long time. Self-improvement can become consuming because there’s always room to improve.

By focusing on self-acceptance, I let go of the need to fix anything. I’m beautiful just the way I am, including all of my flaws. I can tell you from experience that self-acceptance gives you a lot of freedom. Freedom from worrying what others think, trying to get things perfect, or feeling judged for my work.

Focus on self-acceptance, and let self-improvement be a by-product of loving yourself.

You’ve got this.

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