When our boys were growing up, we would tell them, “Do whatever you want in life, just be happy.” This isn’t to say they always need to be bubbly and smiling. Instead, it means to accept everything that goes with your choices.

I help the teams take responsibility for their world. Teams who take responsibility for their world are always looking to improve, bring transparency to their challenges, and resist the things that cause disruption.

However, the problem is in how sometimes leaders respond to these things by resisting the team’s actions. It’s not that the leaders are acting with bad intent or trying to undermine the team. It’s just that these things can leave leaders feeling anxious and unhappy.

What might be different if you look at the anxiety as a sign the team is on the edge of something better? What could you do to ensure they get there? Imagine your smile when they do get there.

You’ve got this.

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