I’ve worked with many organizations that spend a lot of time selling their mindsets. The evidence can be found in status reports, Gantt charts and a plethora of other artifacts. It’s normal to mask the truth, as everyone thinks management doesn’t want to hear bad news.

The alternative means admitting you have a problem. So, people spin a charming tale of how there are problems, and how they have things under control. If only that other department would deliver their part, we might succeed.

The cost of this behaviour, though, is staggering. Wouldn’t it be better to talk about the problems so that you can improve things?

If you’re a leader, and those who follow you are spinning delightful tales, start by looking at how you’re creating this situation. They’re not doing it to deceive you. They’re doing it because they think you expect it.

It’s incredible how many times the answer is in the mirror.

You’ve got this.

Building Great Teams

Building Great Teams

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