I’ve had plenty of ups and downs during the process of writing a book. There were many times I found myself with thoughts like, “this is okay, but it’ll be ready when …”

This process got me thinking about how sneaky some of the stories we tell ourselves can be. I was so convinced the book wasn’t ready that I kept working on it. Why not, though, as it feels safe to keep the book to myself as no-one can criticize my work.

The next time you want something and feel bad that it hasn’t happened, stop and ask yourself what’s true about your intentions. Do you want it, or are you just telling yourself you do? If you do, what would happen if you ignored your doubts and insecurities and just did it?

After all, you are the author of your reality. As for the book, the publication date is in October – Check it out at activateyourleadership.ca

You’ve got this.

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