What could you do with 15 minutes? Check your email or social media? Have a quick nap? Go for a walk? 

For me, I have been spending 15-minutes having conversations with people. Specifically, I’m recording 15-minute segments for the podcast through conversations with people just like you and me. I have to admit though these conversations are becoming somewhat of an addiction for me. With each conversation I have, I find myself wanting more.

When I first started recording podcasts, I believed I was going to have to search for people with inspiring stories. I had imagined I would need people with significant struggles in their past. 

Then I started to talk with people and asking them if they would join me in a podcast episode. Often they tell me how they don’t think they have anything people would want to hear. I reassure them it’s OK, as we don’t have to use the recording if there’s nothing to share. 

The truth is every time I record an episode we find an inspiring and beautiful story. It’s been an incredible experience for me so far. I love to hear people’s stories and perspective of what it means to live their life. 

Publishing a podcast has gone from a birthday challenge to a project of the heart.

Thought of the week

Too often we’re so busy in our lives that we don’t connect with the life that is happening all around us. Stop looking at your smartphone in the grocery line, don’t plug in those headphones on the airplane, stop booking meetings over lunch and have lunch with a co-worker. 

You don’t need to create a podcast to hear people’s story. You only need to have a conversation with the people who are all around you. 

To get the conversation going all it takes is a simple question like “Where are you from?” Or “What inspires you in life?” I’ve learned how easy it is and just how much people want to connect and share. It’s easy once the conversation is going. Just follow your heart and be curious.

What are you going to do with 15-mintues today? I’m going to have a conversation with someone. Give it a try as I know you will love what you hear.

Let’s Go Fly a Kite!

In the coming week we’re hoping the podcast is live on both Stitcher and iTunes. Stay tuned for an announcement as soon as it’s ready for you!

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