I was sitting in a Starbucks one morning with a friend. We were enjoying breakfast and a great conversation. This friend is from Germany, and we were trading stories about our respective homelands.

At some point I remember saying to her “well that’s true except Canada doesn’t have the history Germany does.” (I don’t remember the context and it’s not important to this post)

My friend stopped me in my tracks with the comment, “That’s funny because I’m pretty sure the lands which are Canada were formed at the same time as German lands. So why would you think you don’t have as much history?”

What a thought-provoking question to ask me. I suddenly saw Canada’s history as being long, beautiful and diverse.

What really struck me, though, is how limiting my perspective of history was until that moment. I was so fixated on the human and material part of our history. I was completely ignoring the long history of the people, land and natural world we now call Canada.

This simple breakfast conversation has made me far more conscious of my perspectives. I am continually trying to seek out other perspectives I am not seeing. Now, I’m looking even further outside of my box.

Thought of the week

How often in life do we act without thinking about the perspective we’re holding.

Your perspectives are based on your values, stories and life experiences. Your perspectives are neither right or wrong. They are simply your perspective.

Imagine how different the world would be if we would learn to really see the perspectives of others. This isn’t about changing your mind, rather opening your mind to the rich diverseness of our world.

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