I’m stuck.

I’ve been sitting here wondering what to write about. Yet, nothing has been coming to me.

I did some reading in hopes that something would inspire me.

And still nothing.

What I know is that when I’m stuck, the best thing I can do is to start writing (or talking in a different context.)

In other words, stop being stubborn and let the ideas and words flow from me.

This tactic works because everyone has an opinion about everything. You may not be an expert or even have much working knowledge. But you do have an opinion.

To get started, I like phrases such as:

– “What I know is …”
– “What’s coming up for me is …”
– “what I’ve observed is …”

When I take this approach, something always emerges. It might be an opinion, observation, or idea. It might be my perspective that shifts the stuck spot.

The next time you or your team finds yourselves stuck, try talking about it.

What I know is that by talking about it, you’re more likely to find an answer or direction.

How do I know this works?

Well, you just read my proof.

You’ve got this.

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