Last week I talked about the stories we are telling ourselves, and then I come across this Buddha quote:


I almost didn’t use this quote this week, as I was telling myself this story there would be some eye-rolling if I used the same theme two weeks in a row. 

Beautiful story I’m telling myself. The thing is, this is important to understand about life! We are what we think of ourselves. If you think your life is full of scarcity, then it will be full of scarcity. If you think you are stuck in life, then you will be stuck in life. If you think your life is sad and sucks, then it will be just that!

I was writing this on a beautiful Saturday morning about three weeks ago. When you’re reading this, we are on the road returning from three weeks of being off the grid in Algonquin Park. Based on other years, I expect to be very relaxed at this time as that’s just the type of vacation we love having.

Coming home from an extended vacation, and being self-employed I know it would be easy to tell myself a story of needing to get busy again. I can envision saying to myself I need to get back to the real world and be generating more business again. It wouldn’t take any time to have all that good vacation feeling; gone!

So truthfully, this post is a reminder to myself. Here’s what I want to tell myself on the way home from Algonquin Park:  

“I know the two of you had an incredible time in the park. I’m guessing you have likely enjoyed connecting with nature, and clearing your head of all those stories that bog you down some days. You may even have a feeling of absolute freedom right now. Don’t let go of that feeling, as it serves you well. Let all your thoughts be of being free, bold and at choice in this universe.”

Thought of the week

Your life is what you think it is. Whatever you have in life, whether or not you want your reality, is because you created that it for yourself. 

Think about something you have in your life which you don’t want. It might be some negative feelings towards your work or a sense of being stuck in your current reality. You may want to move to another city but feel you have no choice but to stay where you are. It could be anything in any part of your life in which you feel stuck. 

Now ask yourself: “How are my thoughts creating this reality for myself? What is the story I’m telling myself?” What if, for just one day, you told yourself a different story? Instead of thinking something is impossible, that it is possible. What if instead of thinking it’s hopeless no-one will ever love you, that everyone loves you?

It is possible to create the life you want! Go for it as if your life depends on it; because it does!

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