What does it feel like when you know you are not doing your best work? Do you drag yourself through the task to the finish line? Do you have some chatter going in your head telling you how bad you are doing?

If you are like me, there might also be some self-judgement. You might beat yourself up over the terrible job you are doing.

The remedy is simple. Always do your best at this moment. Not your best from yesterday, and certainly not what you believe your best might be tomorrow.

If you are doing your best work, there is nothing to beat yourself up over.

If you struggle to want to do your best work, trying asking why you are doing this task. If you cannot bring yourself to do your best work, then why do it at all?

Doing your best is always a choice.

There will be times you think those you lead are not doing their best. Before you judge them, ask what has them not doing their best work?

Have they lost sight of why the work matters? Is there a stressor distracting them? Or, is something about your leadership, causing them not to do their best?

Remember, what you see in those you lead is often a reflection of your leadership.

Be the best leader you can be, for today. Your reward will be to witness their best.

You’ve got this.

Building Great Teams

Building Great Teams

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