One of the true measures of someone’s leadership happens in challenging times. Take, for example, when problems challenge a team, and their goal becomes unrealistic. I’ve seen leaders make the mistake of pressuring their team to ‘make it happen’ despite knowing the team’s challenges.

I’ve observed how everyone is wanting someone to speak the truth about whatever is going on. Senior leaders tell me they want the truth. Front line workers tell me they want to be able to talk about the truth. Middle management feels caught between a rock and a hard place because no-one will speak the truth.

What if everyone only spoke the truth. No politics, dancing around, or sugar coating. Telling the truth is easy when things are going well, but what if we could always speak the truth in the hard times too? Imagine how much time you’d stop wasting on a lost cause or the support you could gain to get back on track.

You’ve got this.

Building Great Teams

Building Great Teams

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