There are times I struggle between wanting to be careful and wanting to be carefree.

Careful, by definition, is doing something with thought and attention. The problem with being careful, though, is the potential of swinging the pendulum too far.

On the other hand, being carefree is to be free from anxiety and responsibility. It sounds alluring as it implies I wouldn’t be worried so much, but the danger is denying you have a problem.

Truthfully, I’m working to be both careful and carefree. To be careful in what I do and be carefree, knowing I can respond to whatever might happen.

In business, people often fixate on being careful. While being careful is essential, it can become a burden if that’s all you focus on.

By allowing people the space also to be carefree, you’ll find creativity, morale, and productivity will increase.

Careful and carefree. Two sides to the same coin.

You’ve got this.

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