There are many factors involved in great teamwork. All of these factors need to align with building individual commitment. You will not create a great team if the individuals are not able to fully commit.

Without commitment, individuals will not bring their full selves into a team. People might withhold knowledge. They may not trust others enough to debate an issue. Some people might withdraw when things get tough.

Building the commitment of the people you lead starts with your commitment to them through your leadership. I am talking about your commitment to always doing what’s needed to help them succeed.

To set people on the right path, you also need to speak to three parts of them:

Their minds – give them the knowledge and understanding of their work. Help them see the bigger picture.

Their wallets – They need to know the bigger picture of how your company makes money and how it is doing. This includes being transparent if your company is struggling financially.

The heart – this is the one often missed. Give people a heartfelt reason for why their work matters and they will succeed. (FYI: heartfelt reasons rarely involve talking about you or them making money.)

There is no magic switch that will have people commit. However, commit to them, and they will commit.

What are you going to commit to today?

You’ve got this.

Building Great Teams

Building Great Teams

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