Have you ever noticed how busy the world is trying to get somewhere? I see it on the streets as I’m driving somewhere. I see it on airplanes as people push to be the first one off. I see it in business as people are always after that next promotion.

Recently, I found myself in a funky mood. It’s hard to describe, but I was finding in thoughtful times I didn’t have that feeling of freedom I enjoy so much. It was like being upset at something without knowing why.

Thanks to a little coaching, I’ve uncovered the truth about this funk. Simply put I was so busy trying to get somewhere, that I wasn’t living for today.

I have so many exciting ideas and possibilities about my life and work, that I was being impatient with not being there. The weird thing is I don’t know where there is. 

What I do know is the things I’m doing today, will lead me somewhere. Will I be famous and on a big stage? Will I be quietly coaching people transforming this world one person at a time? Will I be a famous author and podcaster? 

Who cares! All of those things are man made constructs of what there might is supposed to be. I’m tired of chasing those types of things as I’ve spent too many years of my life doing just that. 

Instead, I’m going to continue living for today. I’m going to be present with my day today, and live my life free, powerful and at choice.

Thought of the week

A few years ago we went to Newfoundland on the east coast of Canada. For three weeks we just wandered. Every day was an adventure, and when we set off in the morning, we were never really sure of what we’d find that day.

If we would have been so busy trying to get somewhere, we may never have seen dozens of whales off Cape Spear, the rugged beauty of the land, or the warmth of the people who call Newfoundland home. 

As you go through the coming week, take the time just to be where you are. Look around you and take in the warmth of and beauty of everything you have in your life right now. 

It’s OK to have goals and destinations; just don’t forget to live today.

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