Over the past month, I had a familiar feeling creeping into my life: Burnout.

Burnout is often associated with the workplace. However, often what’s happening in our personal lives contributes.

Burnout has been creeping up on me as I’ve been quite busy the past month.

Things were happening in my personal life which consumed a lot of time. It meant choosing to do all of those things while keeping my business moving forward.

I don’t wear this busyness as a badge of honour. Instead, it was a choice to be busy, and I took on the extra work, knowing I would have to manage myself.

However, the result was that I felt burnout creeping into my life again. I was feeling exhausted, I lacked the enthusiasm that usually drives my work, and at times, I almost felt unable to do my job.

In the past, I would tell myself I just needed to be resilient, and I’ll get through it. While resiliency has kept me moving other times, in this case, I knew I needed to recover if I was to avoid burnout.

There are times you need to be resilient and keep going forward in your life. Other times, it’s prudent to pause and recover.

The same is true for the people you work with. Are you expecting them to be resilient when they need to recover?

You might be facing a third option if you don’t want to pause long enough for people to recover. They’ll quit.

You’ve got this.

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