As a corporate leader, I used to wear my busyness as a badge of honour. I told myself I was successful because the team seemed to depend on me.

I was, in fact, a bottleneck to the team’s ability to succeed. I’ve seen many well-intentioned leaders do the same and it takes numerous forms:

Unable to find you

There are times a team needs your leadership. Your calendar is booked solid for meetings from 9-5. The team is left waiting or wandering until you find 5 minutes for them.

Not enough autonomy

If you have not empowered them with sufficient autonomy, they will struggle to move without you.

Too much autonomy

Autonomy needs boundaries. Without boundaries, the team will require continual course corrections from you.


If the team fears you, they will want to continually check-in to avoid a conflict with you.

Stop working so hard

You’re working too hard if you’re the bottleneck. Stop it! I love leadership because it doesn’t have to be so hard.

Look for how you’re the bottleneck and change something. You’ll find it much more relaxed, and the team will exceed your expectations.

You’ve got this.

Building Great Teams

Building Great Teams

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