Things are not always going to go according to plan. Frankly, sometimes, an experience or event is going to suck.

We, humans, are judgement machines. Being a judgement machine means when things go wrong, we’re highly likely to judge. Judgment might be a passing thought like, “how could I be so stupid?” Judgement might happen when talking about another person.

Given leadership is creating the conditions for others to succeed. What message are you sending if you are assigning blame to others? What message are you sending if you are assigning fault to yourself?

Rather than assigning fault or blame, use your words to build.

It’s OK to start with an acknowledgement of the truth: “Well that sucked.” or “that didn’t seem like the best.” The acknowledgement might relieve the pressure of judgement.

Then use your words to build. Asking powerful questions of yourself or another can provide clarity. Then ask what’s needed to move forward.

Be impeccable with your word. Don’t assign fault or blame to you or another. Use your words to create something beautiful.

You’ve got this.

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Building Great Teams

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