What would the impact be if you tossed a new driver the keys and said: “good luck.”

In Ontario, new drivers must obtain a G1 license. The G1 license has many boundaries constraining what, how and where you can drive.

The boundaries of a G1 license are to keep the driver and others safe. With proficiency, the driver can obtain a G2, and eventually, a G license. Boundaries change and expand with each step in licensing.

The power of boundaries

Tossing a new driver the keys and hoping for the best is to invite problems. Letting teams self-organize without boundaries equally invites problems.

Boundaries provide the guideposts to keep a team safe and focused while they increase their proficiency.

Without a product vision, there is a good chance they will wander in the wrong direction. Without understanding decision-making rights, you will be surprised by what they do (not always in a good way). Without a product/technology roadmap, they will make decisions that might be expensive.

High performing teams have boundaries. As they become more proficient their boundaries expand and change. However, the team always has boundaries.

Stay safe with boundaries out there!

You’ve got this.

Building Great Teams

Building Great Teams

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