One year ago tomorrow, I published an intention to publish a daily post. This week, for me, has been a celebration of this accomplishment!! In the past year, I’ve published 255 new posts. That’s five per week for 51 of the past 52 weeks (I took Christmas week off).

I set this intention for myself to change my relationship with the publish button. It’s amazing how much fear someone can have with a single button on a page. Now, I don’t fear clicking publish anymore.

As I reflect on this past year, there are several things I’ve learned:

  • The more I do something, the easier it gets. So, just do it!
  • Stop worrying about what others think of my writing, as it makes writing so much easier and fun
  • Despite the stories I have can tell myself, I have a lot to contribute to the world of leadership. My evidence, 255 posts and counting
  • I have the opportunity to learn about myself through every experience
  • Celebrate and claim your wins!

I have no intention of stopping my posts anytime soon. In fact, I’m ready to set a new intention for my writing:

This past year I targetted less than 150 words in a post. I know time is valuable, so I want to reduce the number of words per post. 100? 75? 50? Let’s see where I can take this without losing the value for both of us!

What are you going to celebrate today?

I’ ve got this, and so do you!

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