In case you weren’t keeping score, I have published a new post almost daily for 19 days (I missed one day). In case you’re wondering, let me tell you about the experiment I’ve been running.

For those who write, you can likely relate to the relationship with the publish button. With one click of a button, your writing is out in the world to be loved, judged and/or laughed at.

Publishing your thoughts in a blog post can leave you feeling vulnerable. When you feel vulnerable, it is easy to focus on negative feelings. This feeling is what makes keeping my posts hidden so easy.

Through action I have found my answer

I have been wrestling with wanting to change the frequency and format of my blog. Thanks to the past 19 days, I have found my answer.

I will continue publishing daily, except only on weekdays. Much like this post, the daily posts will be short and generally readable in a minute or less. For those who subscribe to the mailing list, these posts will come directly to your inbox rather than forcing you to my website.

Then, every 1-2 weeks I will publish a longer article on leadership. The big difference, of course, is these will go into more depth on a topic.

When you’re stuck … act!

It’s normal to find yourself stuck trying to get something you want. You can sit thinking about the alternatives, and debating with yourself about the best way forward.

Or, you can commit to an action to uncover what is true. Worst case, you’ll learn what not to do.

Building Great Teams

Building Great Teams

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