This morning, I sit by the shore of Cedar Lake for likely the last time until next summer. It’s been a great three weeks, with our trailer parked about ten paces from the water. During our vacation, we’ve had visitors join us for a few days, gone fishing, boating, canoeing, hiking, swimming, and exploring. Most of all, we took the time just to relax and enjoy ourselves regardless of what we were doing.

Jake and Murray, run the general store & outfitter here. Jake’s been here for 37 years doing this, and Murray just retired from a career as a financial advisor to come work here, although he’s vacationed here for many many years so knows the area well. The thing is, no matter how busy they might be, they will always take the time to stop and chat with you. 

If you want to know where to go fishing, they’re more than happy to share all the sweet spots. If you need something like a mouse trap or funnel, all you need to do is ask (yes I’ve borrowed both those things from them). If they have it, they’re more than happy to lend it to you. If you’re an inexperienced paddler, and the lake is whipped up with some nasty waves, they’ll also refuse to rent you that canoe you want, for your safety.

There’s no connection, so no need to try and keep up with email, Facebook, Twitter, or whatever time waster eats your day up. There’s no schedule to meet, as we take each day as they arrive. There’s no need to hurry anywhere, as whatever it is you might want to get to, will still be there when you do. The people are friendly, and with the exception of a few campers, most people will take the time to chat or help their neighbour. 

Truly, there’s a different way of being here, and I know I will miss it back home. However, I will be striving to keep this place alive in my way of being, until I get back here again next year. 

Thought of the week

Whether you live in a house, townhouse or apartment, how many of your neighbours do you know? What about those people you see in the elevator each morning on the way to the office? I ride the commuter train into Toronto once in a while, and it’s amazing how little talk there is on the train. 

I can only imagine how the world would be different today, if we would take even a little time to disconnect from the virtual world and connect with the physical world which all around you right this moment. No matter how important you think that email is to respond to, why not talk to the person sitting right next to you?

Connections that matter: Now this, is what living is all about. 

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