Yesterday, I shared the post “Don’t fear their strengths.” The post talked about surrounding yourself with people who fill in the areas you are weak.

Leaders often ask how they can be effective when they are not an expert? While expertise helps, the lack of expertise is only a barrier if you let it be a barrier.

I am never the domain expert when I am working with clients. I succeed in leading my clients for numerous reasons. To start, I trust myself. I have a broad range of skills, knowledge and experiences. However, these things are not enough.

What’s often needed is my willingness to be wrong. I will often act based on an intuitive hunch. I am surprised by just how often my intuition is right.

At times, though, my intuition is wrong. When I am wrong, I am usually corrected by my client, “No, that’s not quite right …” And then we get into what is true.

Leading without being an expert is not a threat to your leadership. All you have to do is dare to be wrong, and find out what is right.

You’ve got this.

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Building Great Teams

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