This post is the second in a series of posts on Diversity and Inclusion. If you missed it:
Part 1 – Exploring Diversity and Inclusion (1 of 4)(opens in a new tab)

Diversity is bringing differences into a group of people. There are visible differences, such as gender, ethnicity, skin colour, and physical abilities. Many types of diversity are invisible, such as work and family experiences, fears, hopes, wishes, and desires.

When a team lacks diversity, it also lacks a range of perspectives. The narrow perspective will impact creativity, problem-solving, and a lack of effective collaboration.

Few of us can impact diversity during the hiring process. However, all of us can work on surfacing the diversity that exists on your team. As you go into the new year, spend time talking with your team. Find ways for people to safely talk about their diversity. Go beyond the obvious signs of diversity and get to know each other better.

I guarantee there’s more diversity than you were thinking existed on your team.

You’ve got this.

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