Is it acceptable for a team to spend time talking about how they’re feeling or the latest news? Do you make the subject taboo? There’s no right answer to this, but as a team, it’s important to be intentional.

Consider revising your team working agreement to include how the team wants to handle any pandemic-related conversations. If you don’t have a working agreement, then I’d suggest you create one as it will help your team re-learn how to work together.

Ask permission to talk about virus-related challenges. You don’t know the impact or anxiety the conversation could have on other team members. By asking permission, you increase the psychological safety for all.

Just remember that you’re in this together. When you make it safe to talk about the situation, you will find support for all of you.

You’ve got this.

ps… this thinking works with any group of people or family (not just your team).

Building Great Teams

Building Great Teams

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