Candour is an inevitable part of people being together.

The question is: Does the best candour happen in your organization when people are working together (including meetings)? Or, does the best candour happen when they meet up informally in the hallway or offline?

You’re missing a massive opportunity if the best candour isn’t happening when people work together or in a meeting.

Candour is people speaking openly and honestly. When People are free to be open and honest, you’re more likely to find out about problems that could derail you.

Behind the scenes, if the best candour doesn’t happen in your meetings, it will happen. The result is you’ve lost the opportunity to improve something.

In fact, the lack of candour might lead you to believe everything is good, when in fact, it’s falling apart.

What would be different if you could hear the candour happening around you?

You’ve got this.

Building Great Teams

Building Great Teams

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