What do you do when your smartphone blinks, buzzes or makes a noise? Too many people have a habit of reading the notification immediately.

When I challenge leaders on this, I often get elaborate stories justifying their need to be connected. But at what cost? Lower productivity due to task switching? Exhaustion due to mental overload?

Want to help your team be more productive? Start by modelling good time management behaviours with your phone. Turn off the notifications on your phone. Put the ringer on silent (not vibrate). Do not put your phone on the table in meetings.

Take back ownership of your day! Choose the times you look at your phone. With very few exceptions, I’ll bet there is little which cannot wait until you finish what you are doing now.

Being connected is great. Just do not let being connected get in the way of being great.

You’ve got this.

Building Great Teams

Building Great Teams

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