It’s been a couple of weeks since we returned from camping at Brent. Brent is a remote campground which is the very thing which draws us there. 

More than anything, we love going to Brent for the quiet which comes from being so far from our busy world. Even our cell phones don’t work there, which is all the more reason to love it. I will confess I do get my laptop out there, as I do a lot of writing given the environment feeds my creativity.

This year I wrote a post about all the neighbours we had while in Brent. However, in light of the events happening in Charlottesville, Korea, and other places in the world; I’ve re-written it this morning.

While we were in Brent, there were plenty of things our various neighbours did which could have been upsetting. There were messy campsites, barking dogs, noise that got louder with alcohol and being unprepared to be at such a remote campsite.  

Everyone around us has their own story, and the people camping around us in Brent were no exception, of course. Perhaps they were trying to escape the noise of our busy world or reconnect with their family and friends. Whatever their story, Brent is certainly an excellent place to find yourself.

So, instead of getting upset at the things our neighbours were doing, we chose instead to see them as people doing what people do. We chose to get to know them, assuming they wanted that, and learn a little bit of their story. We chose to see everyone in the same way, and what certainly didn’t matter is the colour of skin, nationality, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or any other filter we humans have a nasty habit of applying.

As a result, we had many great conversations and met some beautiful people while in Brent this year. We also had a much better time ourselves and came home far more relaxed. We simply enjoyed life for a few weeks and everything it had to offer while there. And it all started with seeing our neighbours as people doing what people do; living.

Thought of the week

I’m worried for the future of humanity. There is climate change, nuclear threats, or the way in which we seem to think we can trash our only planet and somehow survive as a species. What is even more concerning for me though, is the way in which we see and treat other people.

NEWSFLASH: We’re all in this together!

If we don’t change how we see others, I’m not sure how we can get out of this alive. There are plenty of examples such as the horrible events in Charlottesville this weekend, the deplorable actions of Trump, the threats around North Korea, and plenty more. It’s certainly a complex mess we’ve created for ourselves, and it would be easy to think you’re powerless to do anything.

What I know is I can choose to make a difference and so can you. I will not see someone on a busy street as someone who is inconveniencing me. I will not see someone who is making noise as bothersome. I will instead choose to see others as people doing what people do; living. 

I hope you will join me, as together I know we can make a difference.

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