You and your team may soon find themselves working from home. It will be tempting to focus on productivity during these strange times. However, don’t forget to look after the social glue that strengthens your team.

There are many things you can do to encourage your team to keep connected:

  • pair up and have coffee/tea breaks together over video
  • encourage everyone to connect with someone they don’t know yet
  • hold a “stand up” meeting in the morning to plan your day. Then hold a “stand down” meeting in the evening to sit and visit a little and reflect or joke.
  • add some social glue to your meetings

A little social time with the team might be the thing that makes someone’s day a little brighter.

You’ve got this.

Credit: Thanks to Gitte Klitgaard, Vickie Gray, Tim Ottinger and the other coaches who inspired this post from your Twitter conversation. It’s an important message!

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