That driver got in your way because he only thinks of himself. The team didn’t invite me to lunch because they don’t like me. Her work lacks quality because she doesn’t care.

Every day you are busy making assumptions. The problem is, so many of these assumptions lead to misunderstandings, drama and sadness. Most times, your assumptions become your burden to carry.

How much burden are you carrying in your life because of assumptions?

Letting go of your assumptions is a choice. Letting go of assumptions does not involve other people having to do anything.

As you go through your week, pay attention to when you are forming an assumption. When you notice an assumption, say to yourself, “That seems like an assumption.” (Yes! Name it)

One choice you have is just to let go of the assumption. Do not hold on to it like a fact. Replace the assumption with curiousity.

Another option is to say it to the other person to strengthen your relationship. “I’m assuming you are …” Then, bring on the curiosity.

Making assumptions is human. Letting go of assumptions will empower your relationships.

You’ve got this.

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